Best Charcoal Chicken in NZ

March 24, 2021by Charcoal0

Why charcoal? In short Flavor

The Flavor developed when using charcoal is second to none.

The way the heat seals in the Flavor & the smoke lingers in the first bite to the last one.

The aroma of a chicken cooked over charcoal is out of this world and when you add the many varieties of sauces we offer, you may think you have won the lottery.

The way we at Charcoal Chicken prepare the birds for you to enjoy is as old as time. There is a reason people still cook this way, Flavor.

Not only is this the best way to enjoy chicken, but it is also a healthier alternative.

The birds are suspended over the charcoal not sitting in fat. The fat in the chicken slowly renders out, dripping on to the coals creating even more Flavor.
We at Charcoal Chicken are all about the Flavor. We are also all about the world we live in. All our charcoal is from sustainable sources and we use free range for all our chicken items in store.

So when you are craving fresh juicy chicken with tons of Flavor come down to see us at CHARCOAL CHICKEN BOTANY TOWN CENTRE.

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