Benefits of Cooking with Charcoal

June 16, 2021by Charcoal0

Charcoal grilled food

Middle Eastern Culture is largely responsible for bringing the taste of charcoal chicken to the people of New Zealand.

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Cooking over Coals is a part of their way of life, AND WHAT A WAY TO COOK.

Charcoal Chicken in Auckland has that great flavour profile compared to other Restaurants and this is because of the CHARCOAL. Where others Char Grilled Resturants use a Gas or Electric Chargrill, we at Charcoal Chicken use Charcoal.

A variety of sustainably obtained Charcoal gives the chicken a great taste.

The high heat attained by our especially made charcoal oven, around 500 Degrees crisps & sears the outside of the chicken. The smoke from the coal & the birds natural juices add Flavour to the whole bird.

Add the Variety of Sauces on offer at Charcoal Chicken Botany Auckland, you have a Flavour explosion to enjoy.

Charcoal Chicken is also a healthy alternative to.The way the chicken is prepared and cooked makes it this way. The Fat drips out of the chicken falling onto the Glowing hot Coals and creates more Flavour.

Not Deep fried so no added fats in our chicken. Not sitting in its own fat or added fats & oils the Bird cooks suspended over the Charcoal to provide you with a tasty healthy alternative.

The middle eastern culture has been cooking in this traditional way for as long as anyone can remember. As a tradition it has got it right so why change it.

Flavour, Aroma, Visual appeal is what this type of cooking offers so you get everything you could want in a meal.

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